16 August, 2006

Trouble adding photos

If you are having trouble adding photos, try logging in under darcirogina password: 19698444.

Click on the B-Blogger icon in the upper right hand corner of the black tool bar. This will take you to a page called "Dashboard". On the dashboard you will see the Continuing to Touch lives link in the center of the page. It is underlined and colored. Click on it. Go into the file tab "Create". Type your blog and post. Then go back to the dashboard and into "edit posts" under the main file of "Postings". Find your blog and select the blue edit box in front of it. On the tool bar -- far right -- you will see a spell check, a picture with blue sky, and an eraser. Click on the picture with blue sky. Okay! Now, using the browse on the left, browse your computer until you find your picture and select your picture. The address for your picture should appear in the window. Click the "upload photo" at the bottom of the blog. It will take a few seconds, so just let it do its thing. After you have uploaded your picture, publish the post. Now click on the "View Blog" file tab. Jake's blog will appear. If you do not see your picture, do not panick yet. Click the two blue arrows that refresh your site. Your blog should appear.

If this does not work, you can email me at darcimoler@yahoo.com.


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