28 July, 2006

Doug, Rita, and Kyle

Even though Jake is in heaven waiting for us with Grandpa Jim, his memories, papers, and photos of him continue to touch our lives. Please do not be shy about sharing yours. Also, this is a great place to lend encouragement and support to Doug, Rita and Kyle as well as each other.


At Friday, 28 July, 2006, Anonymous Jen said...

I am one of Sherry's co-workers and I just want to express my sympathy to Doug, Rita, Kyle, Sherry, and the rest of Jake's family.

Sherry always told us wonderful stories about Jake and shared his insightful writings. From what I heard about Jake, he was truly a blessing and he made a big impact while he was here.

I was very inspired by Jake's closeness to God. This was expressed a lot in the papers Sherry shared with me. Even at Jake's young age, he was not afraid or ashamed to let everyone know he was religious and held God in his heart. This little detail made a impact on my life. Just goes to show that Jake touched the lives of so many people; some he didn't even know.

I will keep you all in my prayers.


At Friday, 28 July, 2006, Anonymous Gramma Sherry said...

Jake was a wonderful grandson. The thing I liked most about Jake was that he was always so respectful of everyone. Even when Jake didn't
agree with someone else's opinion,
he listened and considered their thoughts. One thing Jake was NOT
good at... Jacks. I could whoop him
every single time. I really don't think he tried that hard but... who cares? I still beat him.
Gramma Sherry

At Wednesday, 02 August, 2006, Anonymous Brookelyn said...

Not many in the world find the answer to the meaning of life. In his brief 19 years, Jake knew, lived, and breathed it. He is an inspiration to me.

Jacob Allyn Beck (February 14, 1987-July 17, 2006):

"I chose to include this work as both a description of who I am, as well as an example of the zest I bring to assignments in my education. It is a mission statement that I wrote for my Alpha Seminar class.

I love my life. I love laughing with my friends until we lay gasping for every breath. I love sitting with my brother on a cool granite cliff that juts out of a lush emerald hill, watching the last dying rays of a sunset reflected off of a river hundreds of feet below, talking about philosophy and God. I love the sanctity and compassion I feel with my knees touching the padding while I kneel in a pew, rosary in hand, admiring and praising my Lord. I love the feeling of adrenalin flowing through my veins when I fly off of a cliff, falling into oblivion. To attempt to quantify my life would be impossible, for I exist in a uniquely qualified state, thus a mission statement would inevitably fail me. I do not live my life for a purpose, rather, I attempt to live my life with purpose. I want to embrace every emotion, every experience, every conquest, and hold it close to my soul. I want to hold it so close that every moment becomes a part of me, defining me by my passion for life and my exuberance to be a part of my life, instead of sitting idle and watching it pass like a faceless stranger on a crowded city street. My unbridled sense of self, as well as my love of community, comes from a childhood that structured my idea of love as this: Love your God above all, love your family with trust and loyalty, love your friends with compassion, and love yourself with respect. Though this principle, I have been able to enjoy life as a type of journey through stages of love. I suppose if I had to define my purpose that would be as close as I could come. My mission is to love, be loved and eventually find the greatest love of all: a life everlasting. Amen."

At Saturday, 12 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Kay Kiefer. I am one of Patrick Wike's aunts. I live in West Fargo, ND...so knew nothing at all about Jake until this accident. I have to tell you that I was awed reading this young man's mission statement. It was shared with me through a series of odd connections, by the mother of Tyler Schott. I printed off a copy of it for my own children (ages18, 16, and 14) to read. We have had many conversations since the accident about how you just don't know what each day is going to bring in life and how essential it is that you have a firm faith foundation and that you know where you stand with God. Jake obviously had given that great thought. You must miss him terribly. As a mom, I just cannot even imagine what this must have been like for you. As an aunt, I am so thankful that Patrick had such a friend as Jake.

At Tuesday, 15 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of our love and thoughts are with you during this time god will lend his ear and his heart as well. Todd & Karlee Royal

At Wednesday, 16 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We didn't know Jake, but we do know his Grandma Sherry. She is so proud of him, as she should be! Our thoughts and prayers are with you Doug and Rita and the rest of the family.

Rick and Susan Harpster

At Wednesday, 16 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doug and Rita,
I didn't know Jake either, but I feel like I have always known him from his words. I also have a redheaded boy, Joseph. I would be overjoyed if he turns out to be as thoughful and joyful in life as Jake. My life has been touched by his words in life and also by his death. It makes me want to be a better parent to my own children and to see life more like Jake has. What a legacy he has left for your family, for all of us. May God bless you and may His Holy Spirit be with you to comfort you and bring you peace. Love, Liz DeGolyer (Don's daughter)

At Wednesday, 16 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read Jake's web sight just now...wow...he was really a great young person...so in depth for his age...he was definitely a writer and thinker.
Doug and Rita- you can sure be proud of your parenting...Jake referenced love in every piece I read.
Carol Wald

At Friday, 18 August, 2006, Anonymous Mardi Davis said...

Dear Doug, Rita and Kyle,
There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about the unbeleivable loss you are feeling. I pray for God's comfort and peace on all of your lives during this very dark hour and in the days to come. What wonderful parents you were to Jake to give him roots to belong and wings to seperate- what an amaazing young man he was. I have been so inspired by all the writing he did- what a connection he had to God, family, friends and others. He was far advanced beyond his years and certainly has left his mark on all of us and has inspired me to fullfill the calling he did so well- to love and be loved. My thoughts and prayers are with you- all my love Mardi

At Monday, 21 August, 2006, Anonymous lynette zavodny said...

Jake was such an intergral golden thread in the weave of this family. He was part of the generations of cousins that was the glue. He helped span the gap between the ages of all of us. His mission statment was absolutly lovely. It was perfect. I never worried about Jake in life. He could toussel and play with kids and talk candidly and with great understanding and humor to people of all ages. He was timeless and full of life always. I am in awe of his misson statement, at its insight and thoughtfulness as is everyone else. But it was only Jakes age that made him a boy, in the realms of compassion, and life spirit he was very much a man. That weave in our family is very much missed and so painfully apparent is the hole it has left is us. Jake, Rita and Kyle-- I have always admired and loved your family and the closeness you all obviously shared. It was no wonder to any of us that Jake was such a spendid soul. Thank you for sharing his work and for trying to help all of us make sense of it as you are simulatanously struggling to do the same. Your graciousness amazes me, I am thinking of you all so frequently with love, hope, respect and blessings..lynette

At Monday, 21 August, 2006, Anonymous Fran Dukes said...

Wow, what an angel...........Very few people, even religious professionals, ever reach this level of spiritual mastery.............Jake knew the secret. He found communion with God on earth........joy and happiness from who He was.........LOVE! (Funny how most of us fight our own true nature most of the time.)

I have printed off Jake's Mission Statement to share with the girls at work. I WILL continue to pray for your family. God Bless you all !

At Tuesday, 22 August, 2006, Anonymous Rosine Davis said...

If only I could be the person that Jake was...

Gramma Davis

At Wednesday, 23 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are many of us on the outside looking in--who do not know the Beck family and did not know Jake--but who remain inspired by everything there is to know about a young man who left the physical earth for a reason, what has to be a higher purpose.

At Sunday, 27 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not have the Privilege to know Jake and that is my loss, but I do know his Gramma Sherry and I know what a wonderful family loving person she is. By looking at the pictures Jake was a luck/loved young man! There is nothing that can replace your loss but please know that this young man touched and was an ispiration to a lot of people including me.
All My Love,
Laurie Hammers
Evansville, IN

At Thursday, 31 August, 2006, Anonymous Kevin Derynck said...

To: Jake's Parents and Brother,

I have read and re-read Jake's papers; shared with many, even when I'm certain the receiver is not "yet ready" to hear. Jake, you are an angel and your presence felt here daily. I have met you, and now know you via your writing; thus, love the man you are. You have not left, but have left a legacy of "HIS" word for those willing to listen. The Lord has called you home, and I'm certain we are to learn from your time spent here. Interesting how His plans work; always for good, and His timing though not always understood; always perfect. May your angelic presence be felt until we meet face to face! May the Grace of God and all His Blessings be on you, his parents, for the wonderful son you created for all to share. In Jesus's name,
I pray and give thanks for sharing Jake's story.

Kevin Derynck

At Sunday, 10 September, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that we continue to pray for you and your family. We feel so blessed that Pat had a friend like Jake and he will always hold that friendship in his heart. I know Jake has given Pat strength through the ordeal of the last couple of months. Jake's mission statement was so moving, I keep it and a picture of Jake by my bed at the apartment. Thank you so much for your visit to see Pat. It must have been so hard for you, but I know it really helped Pat to see all of you. I hope we can get together when we bring Pat home.

At Tuesday, 26 September, 2006, Anonymous Gramma Sherry said...

Doug, Rita and Kyle....

This movie reminds me of the way Jake lived his life...

I love you


At Wednesday, 27 September, 2006, Anonymous Aubrey-Jake's Youth Minister & friend said...

Several times I have come to this website to simply "be with" Jacob. Each time I think that I will write something and each time I am left with no words that can express what I am feeling inside. Each night before my youngest child goes to sleep we say our prayers and always, in the midst of the prayers she remembers to pray for Jacob. It breaks my heart and at the same time it makes me smile because I know that it would make Jake smile to hear her praying for him. I as many other people have read and reread Jake's writings, somehow it makes me know he has found such peace and sometimes it makes me very angry that such an amazing young man who had so much to teach with his journey is gone from our lives. There is not a day that goes by that I do not stop and think about Jake. Some days I smile as I think about a funny memory and other days I cry because he is gone. Some days my husband and I simply share how blessed we were to know him and that our children knew him and played with him and loved him and looked up to him. He truly was a "Man of God" and continues to be a blessing to my ministry even in his abscence.
I pray that somehow someday that Rita, Doug, and Kyle will not find peace in the loss of Jacob because there is no peace in losing a loved one, but at least acceptance that in time we will come to know and understand the grand plan in all of this, even if it takes until we all meet again in the heavenly arms of a loving God.

At Friday, 13 October, 2006, Anonymous Gramma Sherry said...

I can really relate to Aubrey when she said, "Some days I smile.... other days I cry..."

Today, is a "cry" day for me... I am at work, but my mind is on Jake,
Doug, Rita, and Kyle.

I am anguished because I cannot take away the pain.

Today, it just seems so unfair that such a close, loving, and wonderful family would have this happen. I know all the sayings like, "Bad things happen to good people" and "God only gives us what we can handle" and sometimes I feel like if I hear those sayings one more time - I will scream!!!

Thank you, once again, Doug, Rita, and Kyle for offering Jake such a great family - for providing him with security, guidance, loyalty, friendship, and most of all love.

Thank you, too, for teaching Jake
about Our Father. This was the
greatest gift you could have ever
given him... above all else...
for now Jake's eternity is guaranteed with Our Lord.

Nineteen fabulous years here and
the rest of eternity in Heaven...

Ahhhh... You guys did a good job!

Doug, you are a very good dad. I am proud of you. Thinking of all your accomplishments - I am proudest of this one.

Rita, you are a very good mom. I
am proud of you... and, I am so glad you married my son.

Kyle, you are a wonderful brother
and I am soooo very, very proud of
you. Your mom and dad are lucky to
have you for their son. I am lucky,

I love you all... and, it will be
fun to see Jake again when he and Grampa Jim welcome us "home".


At Tuesday, 26 June, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read alot of these blogs and Im not family nor am I lookin from the outside in. I really did have the chance to know and love jake. My name is Tyler Coburn and it took me almost a year to get onto this website. Jake touched many lives with his actions towards people and his compassion towards life. I was in the hospital when Jake died. I was in there becuz I lost hope. I thought there was nothing left for me. My friend Brady Lucero came to me the day Jake died and sat there in disbelief until I broke down and cried. I thought to myself how could someone that loves life to the extent Jake did have that life taken while I was sitting in a hospital wasting my days feelin sorry for myself. I went to preschool with Jake, we went thru hunters safety together, had classes, partied, I mascoted for CMR and jake all the way thru to the state championship which can also be credited to jake. His strong will and love towards life has changed mine.Every morning I get out of bed and thank god that I got one more day to push the boundaries, to exhaust myself, To feel, to experience, because thats what Jake would have done. Jake still lives, he lives in all of us, all of his friends, all of his family, his ideas are carried on by those that understood what Jake was getting at in his writings. Rita, Doug, Kyle the three of you are amazing people because Jake put you above all else, and you raised the young man that will forever change the way I along with many others will look at this world, he did not die in vain for his ideas will be carried on for as long as his friends can spread the Idea of loving everything you have and living for today. My deepest thanks and continued sorrows, Tyler J. Coburn

At Monday, 09 July, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita, Doug, and Kyle,

As the anniversary of Jake's death approaches I am growing more saddened each day. I just took out Jake's paper he wrote in high school about the Mitchell family.
How well he knew each and every one of us amazes me! My favorite quote is about you Rita, "Faith - When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts, the circle of Creation is completed inside us, the doors of oour souls fly open and love steps forth to heal everything in sight." His love for all of us, but especially you, his immediate family, is felt in every word he wrote. Kyle and Doug the things he wrote about you in his "Myself" paper, he loved you so much and I'm so sorry for his loss. I was at Swan Lake yesterday and felt the joy and peace he had, but still the pain is there. We love you all and pray for you every nite. I am so grateful and privledged to have been Jake's Aunt.

Love, Dee, Mike, and Mac Cochrane

At Friday, 13 July, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita, Doug, and Kyle,

We are so sorry for the pain you're going through especially right now. I wish there was something I good to do to ease it. As I revisit Jake's writings and my memories of him I remember the loving, wonderful, kind, funny soul he was. We pray for you everyday and love you very much.

Love, Dee, Mike, and Mac Cochrane

At Sunday, 15 July, 2007, Anonymous aunt ange said...

it's been a year and we still miss you so much jake. rita, doug, kyle,
we love you.


At Wednesday, 05 September, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doug, Rita and Kyle: I miss him everyday. I try to do something better everyday because of the loss of him. I remember all of the happy times with him and pray that those thoughts will some day overtake the grief. I question God, (sorry Jake), for the grief, because I may have never have known the depth of my love for him without the loss. I want him back for you and for all of us. I jumped off that damn cliff with Kyle to make sure he new his Aunt Teresa could live up to his definition of "sprited", I won't do it again, but I will rejoice in the feeling of "flying". Jake could not have been the person he was without the fierceness of his mother, Rita, the quiet strength of his father, Doug, and the never ending love of his brother, Kyle. Jake will never be forgotten, with or without memorials in his name. T

At Tuesday, 18 September, 2007, Anonymous Augn Teresa said...

Darci: Could you please post the following, I sent it awhile ago and have not seen it yet. Thanks

Doug, Rita and Kyle: I miss him everyday. I try to do something better everyday because of the loss of him. I remember all of the happy times with him and pray that those thoughts will some day overtake the grief. I question God, (sorry Jake), for the grief, because I may have never have known the depth of my love for him without the loss. I want him back for you and for all of us. I jumped off that damn cliff with Kyle to make sure he new his Aunt Teresa could live up to Jake's definition of "sprited", I won't do it again, but I will rejoice in the feeling of "flying". Jake could not have been the person he was without the fierceness of his mother, Rita, the quiet strength of his father, Doug, and the never ending love of his brother, Kyle. Jake will never be forgotten, with or without memorials in his name. Aunt T

At Tuesday, 18 September, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

could you please post the following:

Doug, Rita and Kyle: I miss him everyday. I try to do something better everyday because of the loss of him. I remember all of the happy times with him and pray that those thoughts will some day overtake the grief. I question God, (sorry Jake), for the grief, because I may have never have known the depth of my love for him without the loss. I want him back for you and for all of us. I jumped off that damn cliff with Kyle to make sure he new his Aunt Teresa could live up to his definition of "sprited", I won't do it again, but I will rejoice in the feeling of "flying". Jake could not have been the person he was without the fierceness of his mother, Rita, the quiet strength of his father, Doug, and the never ending love of his brother, Kyle. Jake will never be forgotten, with or without memorials in his name. T

At Friday, 21 September, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Rita, Doug,& Kyle,

I just want to tell you what a privlege it is to be able to bring my Son into your warm home and lives. The time we spend with you is beyond fufilling and exciting for Mac! He goes to sleep at nite, in his delirious state, right before falling off saying "Kyle, Kyle, Ball, Kyle". He loves his Cousin and his Aunt Rita and Uncle Doug so much. The job you did raising Jake and Kyle is amazing, what two different but both incredible human beings you raised! And even though Jake is no longer present in the physical sense. His presence is felt so strongly in your home and in you. I feel so often, when I'm sitting talking with you about Jake, that he's sitting right there with us. And I tell Mac something about him everyday.
Kyle, Happy Birthday! I know it is so difficult to not have your Brother to talk to, but Mac is able to know him thru you. I thank you for being the person that Jake helped mold, yet I know he was so proud of your independent
nature. Although I'm guessing it sometimes drove him a little crazy! But that's what little Brothers are supposed to do. Thanks for letting Mac drive you crazy with his overwhelming adoration of you. YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON, KYLE! And we are so blessed to have you all in our family and have the connection we still do to Jake thru you. We love you very much.

Love, Dee, Mike, and Mac Cochrane

At Monday, 26 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Rita, Doug and Kyle,
It's hard to believe that it is our 2nd Thanksgiving without Jake. I don't know if time has past by slowly or fast. As I looked from the 3rd floor down to the lobby at Fairmont, I could see Jake sitting in a chair pondering over a paper for college, talking to Katie, laughing... As I sat in the hot pool outside I hear Jake taunting poor Kyle and his cousins and Aunt Maggie telling them to be careful..I see Jake smile. All of these are such precious memories. Last year Katie called me from school and simply said I miss Jake, I need to talk to him. I said talk to him, he is listening he is in your heart. I am grateful that Katie and Patrick will always carry memories of Jake with them and that his spirit is always with us. Rita, Doug and Kyle, thank you for sharing Jake with us!! Love, Peggy

At Tuesday, 13 May, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doug, Rita, and Kyle,
You are always in our thoughts and prayers. We wish we could do more for you. Love, Tony, Christina, Andrew and Gus.

At Monday, 30 June, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita, Doug, and Kyle,

I'm thinking so much now about Jake and his exuberance for life. The loss of him, so often takes any exuberance I have for life away, which is something I know he would not want. I am blessed in your love for my child and so appreciative of the love and attention you give him. The time Mac has around all of you, is a connection to Jake. Because the essence of Jake is from you. You, with God, molded him, enhanced him and helped him become the incredible person that he was. I'm so sorry and wish I could take away the pain and guard you from any further pain in your lives. I want to you help you in any way I can, and if in trying to help I cause you more pain, I am so sorry. We love you all and carry Jake in our hearts.

Aunt Dee, Uncle Mike, and Mac

At Thursday, 17 July, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Rita, Doug, and Kyle,

I just wanted you to know that today especially, I am so sorry for the pain you're feeling. Two years and the loss isn't any easier I know. Because today I woke up feeling like I did two years ago. NO, not Jake, not our Jake! I believe with all my heart that he is with God in peace and glory. Achieving his mission of "a life everlasting". For me, it doesn't bring understanding or stop the feeling of it's not fair, he should be here with us! But as I'm writing these words I'm hearing Jake say that someday the understanding will come. And I better get busy on my own personal relationship with God, and make darn sure I pass the love of the Lord onto my son! I will, Jake, and so much of that love has already been passed to Mac by telling him about you and by the time he is able to spend with your family. I just pray that the pain of your loss will someday be lessened by the gift of having you with us for the 19 years we did. God Bless you Rita, Doug, and Kyle and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers daily.

Love, Dee,Mike,and Mac

At Tuesday, 04 November, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita and Doug,
We know that today is very hard for you guys, and that you would love to be able to talk to Jake regarding this historic election. You guys would be talking back and forth and would be waiting anxiously to hear the results. We just wanted to say we were thinking about you guys today and everyday!
your "republican" friends
Christina and Tony

At Wednesday, 24 December, 2008, Anonymous Monika said...

I only knew Jacob between the ages of 1or2 until about 6. The boy who lived in the building next to me, who listened to me when I told him to put his head between the bars on the porch. Who decided we would get married, but later realized we couldn't because he didn't have a suit. The boy who would sit in my toy closet with me and pile all the toys to the door so we were "stuck" so he didn't have to go home.

I always tried to find my "future husband" all the years since him and his family moved away from New Hampshire. I always thought about how fun it would be to e-mail, to chat about all these silly stories.

I'm terribly sorry to find out about this news. I can't help but wonder if there is a reason that today, on Christmas Eve, I not only chatted with my parents about Jacob and his parents, but after all the searching finally was able to find something.

From reading what everyone else has said about him, he grew up to be an amazing person, although I never doubted so. I wish I knew something I could say, but I know that there is nothing.
I hope there is a way for you all to stay strong during these holidays.

With much love,


At Tuesday, 27 January, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita, Doug, and Kyle,

We just wanted to let you know how much we love you and have been thinking about you this past week. We're praying for you all and your family Doug. We hope to get to see you soon.

Love, Mike, Dee, and Mac

At Wednesday, 11 February, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita, Doug and Kyle: I am thinking of Jake this week, as I do everyday, but as his birthday draws near, my memories of all of our happy times together as a family make me smile and remember the laughter and joy he brought into any room he entered. I know this week is hard for all of you and I am praying that through the tears, you know how greatful we all were to have him with us for the 19 years we did. Love, Aunt Teresa and Matt

At Tuesday, 14 July, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita, Doug, and Kyle: Just want to let you know how much we are thinking of you and are praying for you to get through this week. I know every day is hard. I feel the huge loss of Jake building in me and that Friday will be a rough day for me. So I can only imagine how much harder it is for you. Know that you are loved and supported, and if we could do anything to take the pain away we would. I so wish it was possible. My (dee's) plan for Friday is to be in Riley's Irish Pub drinking a Harp or some other fine Irish beer, (I might even sneak in a flask of Irish whisky). I'll be listening to some Irish music and thinking of Jake laughing and smiling as only he could. We love you guys so much. Take care, Love, Dee, Mike, and Mac

At Wednesday, 14 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita, Doug, and Kyle,

Just want to let you know how much we're thinking of Jake as we do always. So sorry for the painful reminder this weekend brings, we love you guys and are here for you.

Love, Dee, Mike, and Mac

At Monday, 20 June, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss Jake, not just the thought of him, but who he would be today, a24 year old, probably in dental school, helping his brother Kyle thru the challenges of life, helping Rita and Doug Pump water out of their flooded cabin. Helping us all remember the meaning of family and the support that comes with it. I know we can't understand why those we love so much are taken from us to soon, I just need to say it out loud, 5 years this July, and it still hurts just like the day I heard we had lost him. Love you Jake and God Bless Rita, Doug and Kyle, Aunt Teresa

At Sunday, 17 July, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita, Doug and Kyle, I agree with Teresa. The loss of Jake is as fresh today as it was 5 years ago. We love you guys so much and wish there was a way of relieving your pain. We continue to pray for you all. Love, Mike, Dee, and Mac

At Tuesday, 14 February, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita,Doug,and Kyle, Wanted to let you know how much we are thinking of Jake today and how sorry we are for your loss. It's especially hard on this day, I know. The day that was always a celebration of when he came into this world. We love you all so much and miss him terribly. Love, Mike, Dee, and Mac

At Monday, 16 July, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita, Doug, and Kyle, I'm crying as I'm typing because Jake is so missed. Every year I think the pain will ease, but it comes rushing back with all the hurt of six years ago. God Bless you guys and know that we love you and keep Jake in our hearts forever. Mike, Dee, and Mac

At Thursday, 14 February, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rita,Doug,and Kyle,
I wish I could do something to stop the pain of not having Jake here to celebrate his Birthday. My only consolation and sadness at the same time is that he's with his Grandma Lois now. Wishing you all love and strength to endure.
Much love, Dee, Mike, and Mac


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